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Mollie Lyders

mātauranga Māori Taiao Consultant and General Planner

Ko Tākitimu te Maunga

Ko Mata Ura te Awa

Ko Tākitimu te Waka

Ko Ngāi Tahu te iwi

Ko Mollie Lyders tōku ingoa

Mollie previously worked in the agricultural industry while traveling between seasons. She is now one of our longest-standing employees, having been here since our formation in 2021. Mollie is currently completing her master’s in Environmental Management and Policy at the University of Lincoln.

Mollie spends most of her time in the office sorting out the resource consents that come our way. However, occasionally when she does get out of the office, she can also be found seed collecting, transferring elvers, and kanakana monitoring. 

Mollie is our person to contact for any queries relating to resource management or consents.


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