Possum and Pest Control

Hokonui Runanga Kaupapa Taiao brings a wealth of experience in managing a wide array of pests and predators. From planning and implementation to upkeep and monitoring of possum and predator control operations, we have played a pivotal role in numerous large and small-scale predator-free projects throughout the South Island.

Possum and Pest


Bait stations – These prove effective in regions with high possum populations and are particularly suitable for ongoing maintenance endeavors. Our team members boast extensive experience in deploying these stations, holding all requisite licenses for controlled substances.

Traps – This method is highly efficient for possum and predator control. We guarantee daily checks on leg-hold or live capture traps, strategically positioning them to minimize the risk of capturing non-target species. Various kill traps are employed to establish a lasting trap infrastructure for general predator control, tailored to the targeted species.

Manual poison application – We carefully select the type of poison and method of application based on the targeted pest species and the specific requirements of the client, landowner, and surrounding land uses. Our top priority is safety and land conservation, guaranteeing that toxins are only deployed in areas where pets and domestic animals cannot access.

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